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Welcome on the homepage of PH-Photography!

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Ferrari F430


Thank you!

Thank you for more than 10.000 visits on my homepage and for more than 300 Likes on my Facebook-Page!


New design - new goals - PH-Photography!


PH-Photography is now back again with a new design, hope you like it. From now I will shoot my attention to the increase of

exotic cars because since many years I am interested in luxury cars and in photography, now i want to connect this two things.


You can find PH-P now on flickr.com and Facebook, too. Click on the like button at the bottom of this page if you want to be

up to date whit new pics and events where PH-P is going to go. You can comment on the pictures on my flickr Photostream as well.

The link to the stream is shown in the category "Links".




IAA 2011


The biggest Car-Show in Europe has been taken place at Frankfurt this year again. PH-Photography was there too.

If you want to see the upcoming cars, take a look at my flickr Photostream in the album "Car-Shows.".




The new forum of PH-P is online now! Thank you to PW Homepage for the great work! In the forum you

can maintain you about many themes ( for example "Sport" ). You only have to register. It´s very easy

and it´s of course for FREE!

PW Homepage and PH-Photography wish you many fun!






- T H E  W E B S I T E -


Hello and welcome on the homepage of PH-Photography! On this page I present you my pictures of exotic cars. You can take a look

on my pictures and comment them if you want. You can find the shots in the categorie "Gallery". On this page I will also show you

informations to actual events about Car Spotting on my Facebook-Stream ("News"). If you want to know more about me and my work

take a look in the category "About Me". I hope you enjoy my work! If you have any suggestions please let me know and leave a comment

in the guestbook or send me a mail.

Have fun!




Contact: ph-photo@web.de


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